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Draft Program

August 27, 2017 (Sunday)

Registration (The desk will be open throughout the symposium)
Welcome Reception

August 28, 2017 (Monday)

Opening Remarks/Plenary Lecture
Session 1. Thinning and Alternate Bearing
Session 2. Flowering and Fruiting
Session 3. Tropical Fruit
Poster sessions

August 29, 2017 (Tuesday)

Session 4. Vegetative Growth
A : Plant Factory and Orchard in Chiba University
B : Packing House and Orchard of Japanese Pear

* Application for Excursion will be online (pre) registration ONLY.
Please note that Onsite application for Excursion is NOT possible.

* Application for "Packing House and Orchard of Japanese Pear" have reached maximum enrollment as of June 14, 2017.

August 30, 2017 (Wednesday)

Session 5. Ripening and Postharvest Physiology
Session 6. Biochemical and Molecular Aspect
Session 7. Dormancy and Crop Production
ISHS Business Meeting/Closing Ceremony
Farewell Dinner

August 31 (Thursday)